The warnings were many, yet none listened. Many ancient texts and books have been written telling of these dark times. The End Times have arrived.

Humans were given the Holy warnings, priests showed them the signs and were ignored. When the 7 horns blew and the Earth trembled, few stood against it and millions perished.

You are among the few that survived, that do believe.

Some decided to run and seek shelter at the corners of the Earth, seeking a refuge from the onslaught and a chance to survive, possibly rebuild.

Some select few found a secluded island uninhabited by Humans for hundreds of years and chose this as their refuge from the storm.

Demons, also known as The Fallen, and other tainted creatures roam the Earth,, uninhibited by human restrictions, rampaging across the planet in a ruthless campaign to retake what was theirs eons ago.

The arrival of the Fallen brings with it their minions of darkness, bringing the armies of the Unnamed One to the fore, so they may win the endless war between Light and Dark.

The seven deadly sins have taken on physical form, twisting Mans’ darkest desires into tools for total domination, destroying anything that stands in their way.

You are one of the few that remain, the believers. You have found your way to the island, now called Bastion by its inhabitants. Forging a new life will be hard, even with allies to cling to.

The Fallen too, have found Bastion; first crawling from the sea and deep underwater caves and now infest the forest and plains of the new land.

You have a choice; to stand alone or band together with other survivors to face the world ending warmy of darkness.

There are many evils and they take many forms. You will need the best among you to survive.

Beware the taint of evil, which can turn Man on Man. Beware the Demons, which will turn you into their slave. Beware the unknown, for much still lurks in the shadows. Embrace the Light.

Defend Humanity. Defeat the Demons. Survive.

This is Undertaking: Echoes of Light


Time Period: Modern-Apocalyptic
Armors: Cloth, Leather, Metal, Demonic, Tiered (mixed periods for certain types)
Weapons: Guns, Sword and Shield, Modern, Classic Weapons
Structure Types: Castles, Strongholds, Homes, Bunkers and more
Groups/Guild: 5 Max group, Unlimited Guild Members


The game world is approximately 64km x 64km, giving us a total playing size of 4,096km to run around in!




Ratkins (Shaman/Warrior/Warlord)

Type: Caster/Melee/Melee
Sub-type: Healer/Tank/DPS
Small and wise
Healer for the Ratkin tribe. This Ratkin will aid its fellow companions with damaging spells and healing.


Type: Melee
Sub-type: DPS
Medium but very strong
The Golem is a very fierce enemy. Strong hits will quickly down its target.


Type: Melee
Sub-type: DPS
Medium Size Melee attacker
The Frogman stays a solo wanderer. The melee output is its focus. Medium Armor with medium damage output.


Type: Melee
Sub-type: Rounded DPS/Tank
Large and Strong
The “Boss” is no stranger to being alone. Wandering has hardened this enemy to be a well rounded tank as well as fair damage output.


Type: Caster/Melee
Sub-type: DPS
Medium in size, malee and caster
The Hellcreeper, will use area of effect acid clouds to kill, or, trap its target. Moving in for the kill they will bite its prey until death.

Cave Crawler

Type: Melee
Sub-type: DPS
Large in size and fast
This demon has the ability to use acid clouds to slowly burn its targets. Much like the spider it’s created from, it’s sting is the worst part.

Earth Titan

Type: Melee / Tank
Sub-type: Melee
Large and Strong
The Earth Titan, being made from the earth has naturaly high armor as well as a very strong hit. The size and mass of this enemy makes it very slow.


Type: Caster
Sub-type: Melee / Caster
Medium size, uses proc effects on its target
The Reapers will use melee attacks as a primary way to down its target. When the reaper is near death, it will use its proc effect to take the life from one and transfer it to itself.

The only 3rd person shooter RPG Survival game, with full VR support (Tested with the HTC VIVE)

The Team

Matthew Murphy



Matthew is the brains and the heart behind the whole project. It’s his passion that drives the team.

“on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rate these pants?”

Mickael (frenchy) Azzam

Lead Programmer


‘Frenchy’, somehow, converts coffee into code, which in turn, powers the whole game!

“better than matthew”

Shannon Galintine



Pure and simple, Shanon is the Financial Wizard and keeps check of all the finances.

“I make sure Matthew doesn’t spend all the money on crayons!”

Jason Forth

Graphic Designer


Jay handles all the graphics for the main website, video editing and any other design task, required by the team.

“Matthew’s drawings are better than mine….No, really!”

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